Incoming Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri hopes to expand North End’s C3 policing initiative to other areas of the city


SPRINGFIELD — Incoming Police Commissioner John Barbieri said he hopes to expand the Massachusetts State Police C3 policing initiative — a community-based strategy drawn from military counterinsurgency techniques honed in Iraq that has proven successful in the North End — to other areas of the city.

John Barbieri named next Springfield Police Commissioner


Sarno: John Barbieri is “progressive and innovative leader”. Sarno refers to “PowerPoint presentation” Barbieri delivered to interview panel. Keys to presentation: collaboration, training, education. Sarno: Barbieri has put together “five point plan” for more active patrols, real-time crime response. Sarno: Barbieri will make public presentation in next few weeks. Commissioner Fitchet: Barbieri is “a good…