C3 Team Speaks on C3 Policing to members of the Danish National Police and the Suffolk County DA’s Office


Starting on Monday October 20th 2014, the Mass State Police C3 Policing Team spoke on C3 Policing to members of the Danish National Police Disadvantaged Housing Estates Unit and the Suffolk DA’s Office about C3 Policing.  The classes are scheduled at Westover AFB in Chicopee, Ma.  The C3 Team also plans on taking the groups…

Masslive.com: Incoming Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri hopes to expand North End’s C3 policing initiative to other areas of the city


SPRINGFIELD — Incoming Police Commissioner John Barbieri said he hopes to expand the Massachusetts State Police C3 policing initiative — a community-based strategy drawn from military counterinsurgency techniques honed in Iraq that has proven successful in the North End — to other areas of the city.

John Barbieri named next Springfield Police Commissioner


Sarno: John Barbieri is “progressive and innovative leader”. Sarno refers to “PowerPoint presentation” Barbieri delivered to interview panel. Keys to presentation: collaboration, training, education. Sarno: Barbieri has put together “five point plan” for more active patrols, real-time crime response. Sarno: Barbieri will make public presentation in next few weeks. Commissioner Fitchet: Barbieri is “a good…