What is C3 Policing?

C3 Policing or Counter Criminal Continuum Policing is an adapted law enforcement method targeting gangs and drug dealers within urban high crime areas. The mission is to detect, deter, degrade and dismantle criminal gangs and drug dealers.

Troopers from the Massachusetts State Police adapted the counter-insurgency (“COIN”) methods used by the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) for law enforcement. The MSP partnered with Springfield Police to conduct joint operations within the North End of Springfield while executing this new police model. The essence of C3 Policing is to leverage existing resources, separate gangs and drug dealers from their cause and support.

This is accomplished by, with, and through the local population. C3 Policing creates multiple pressure points on criminal elements and establishes a robust intelligence cycle that drives law enforcement  operations. As a result of these efforts, violent gangs and drug dealers are denied operational freedom to maneuver and one by one their networks are attacked systematically.